#1 Stunna

Indica strain #1 Stunna. This time-tested mixture produces a peaceful yet energising high that affects the body and mind simultaneously. The #1 Stunna high begins with a cerebral ecstatic rush that gradually spreads throughout your entire body with a light tingle energy. As your joy grows, a profound relaxation will overtake you, easing your aches and pains without making you feel drowsy or heavy. Your mental state will also become affected by this, leaving you feeling a little disoriented but otherwise functional. #1 Stunna is frequently used to treat problems like depression, chronic pain, exhaustion, tension, and anxiety. Each smooth exhale from #1 has a traditional skunky sweet flavour with notes of woody spices. As the nugs are smoked, a strong sour, skunky aroma with hints of earthy pine and lush florals is released. The #1 buds contain little, amber crystal trichomes and flat, diamond-shaped, light mint green nugs with vivid orange hairs.