York Tuna

York Tuna is a hybrid with a strong Indica component. Right away, you’ll have a greater sense of sensory awareness, which will give you a sense of thoughtful vitality to go along with your sharpened focus. You’ll be inspired and prepared to do whatever is on your list for later. Your body will begin to enter a deep state of relaxation that makes you feel a bit tired without actually putting you to sleep while your mind continues to become more clear. When it comes to treating ailments like chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, arthritis, insomnia, and chronic pain, York tuna provides full-bodied benefits that are advantageous. The flavour of York Tuna is typically spicy, fishy, and stinky, and the finish is quite sour and lemony. The taste is overshadowed by the heavier and more offensive scent. It has a powerful odour that permeates the entire room and smells like rotten fish and skunk. York Tuna features large, spade-shaped, amber-tinged mint green nugs that are covered with small golden amber crystal trichomes, a lot of orange hairs, and a large number of orange hairs.