Cereal Runtz

An indica strain is Cereal Runtz. For everyone who enjoys traditional indica strains, Cereal Runtz is the perfect option because it tastes wonderful and has a stunning appearance. This bud has thin orange hairs, a layer of small, white crystal trichomes, and grape-shaped, thick, dense, neon green nugs. You can smell a mixture of sweet and sour vanilla citrus with a spicy undertone when you pull apart each sticky, sparkly nugget. The flavour is fruity and on the sweeter side, with a dash of spicy earthiness and acidic citrus to balance it off. A few minutes after taking your final Cereal Runtz, the high sets in, putting your mind in a state of utter enjoyment and relaxation that can occasionally make it difficult to concentrate. A tingly body high will come over you as your level of happiness rises, leaving you feeling entirely at peace and comfortable with no noticeable aches or pains. People with persistent stress, anxiety, sadness, lethargy, nausea, or appetite loss are frequently treated with cereal runtz.