Death Bubba

Death Bubba is a hybrid strain, but its indica part is very strong. You’ll feel a surge of focused energy almost as soon as you smoke. This will make you feel energized, and you’ll be more likely to have psychedelic experiences. As the high goes on, you’ll start to feel completely relaxed, deep in thought, and spaced out, which can make you seem distant in social situations. Death Bubba puts you into a deep, calm, undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours. This makes it look like you can’t be woken up while you’re coming down from your high. On the exhale, Death Bubba has a smell of smoky, earthy pine and a taste of spicy, lemony pine with a hint of earth. This bud is made up of dark forest green nuggets with a few fiery orange hairs here and there. Each bud has a thick layer of frosty, sandy-white trichomes and dark olive-green leaves that are almost hairy and cover the whole thing.