Death by Pink

Cannabis Strain Available at Weed Releaf Dispensary Mississauga

Pink Death Star is a unique 100% pure indica strain that was produced by crossing the powerful Death Star with the legendary Blood Rose. This bud gets its name from its appearance: each thick, hefty buds is olive green with noticeable pinkish tints! Long milky amber hairs and beautiful crystal trichomes adorn each leaf of these small nuggets, which seem practically pink in the correct lighting. Aromas of fresh diesel and earthy spice are unleashed when you tear apart each chilly tiny nug. The rich exhalation features spicy cinnamon and berries with a blast of earthy diesel.

The Pink Death Star high arrives shortly after your last hit, sneaking up on you before grabbing both mind and body with both hands. This impact immediately becomes apparent, putting you in an extremely slumber and calming condition that leaves you couch-locked and immobile. This impact often promotes sleep, particularly if you are not acclimated to its strength. Pink Death Star is an excellent treatment for chronic pain, depression, chronic exhaustion, muscular spasms, and sleeplessness.

Pink Death Star is now available at the Weed Releaf Dispensary located in Mississauga