Dosi Pie

Cannabis Strain available at Weed Releaf Dispensary Mississauga

Do-Si-Pie is an indica dominant hybrid strain established by crossing the delectable Do-Si-Dos X Velvet Pie strains. This famous offspring, most known for its delectable taste, is a perfect choice for any strong indica enthusiast. This bud has a wonderfully nutty pie-like taste with undertones of fresh fruits and pungent anise. The scent is considerably sharper and deeper, with a distinct peppery anise overtone complemented by sour lemon and crisp mint.

The effects of Do-Si-Pie begin slowly, sneaking into your consciousness initially with a heavy lifted sensation many minutes after your last toke. You’ll find your brain suddenly flooded with a nice heaviness that weights down both your head and your eyes, leaving you completely stoned and disconnected. As your mind rests, a wonderfully soothing and pleasant body high will flow over you, leaving you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe. Do-Si-Pie is an excellent option for treating insomnia, chronic stress, melancholy, chronic pain, and mood swings. Long spade-shaped very dense emerald, green nugs with thick orange hairs and a covering of chunky golden crystal trichomes define this bud.