Gas Mask

Gas Mask is a very unexpected hybrid strain that isĀ Indica dominating. If you’re looking for a strong high, you’ve come to the right place. Gas Mask is very powerful and lasts for a long time, making you tired and sleepy after just a few hits. Gas Mask has a lifting effect that doesn’t wake you up but instead makes you feel very calm. The tingling will quickly spread to every part of your body and put you to sleep. Gas Mask is often used to treat chronic pain, trouble sleeping, spinal cord injuries, fatigue, and depression. When you exhale, this strain tastes like sour cherries and skunk. The smell is mostly of fresh cherry and sour dank, with a strong skunky note that can fill a room. Gas Mask has big, olive-green buds with deep forest-green undertones, dark-amber hairs, and a layer of dark-amber crystal trichomes.