Kerosene is a Sativa-hybrid strain that is quite rare. This strain is well-known for its potent high and excellent flavour. It’s ideal for hybrid aficionados looking for a bit more punch in their medicine. Kerosene has a quick-acting cerebral effect that kicks in a few minutes after your initial two hits. You’ll be buzzed, but also fuzzy and relaxed. Your body will begin to go asleep as your mind sinks deeper and deeper into a deep sleep, giving you a feeling of couch-lock that does not make you tired. Kerosene is reported to be an effective treatment for persistent stress or anxiety, sadness, nausea, and lack of appetite due to these effects. This bud has a strong earthy and diesel flavour, with a rich, spicy, and lemony finish. The nuggets emit a scent that is a mix of sour citrus and powerful diesel with a hint of spice as they burn. The buds of kerosene are large, fluffy, and forest green. They feature deep amber undertones, matching hairs, and a layer of gleaming amber trichomes.