Lindsay is an uncommon indica-dominant hybrid strain generated by mating the legendary OG Kush with an unknown hybrid strain. Lindsay OG is a hybrid lover’s favourite, with a full-bodied high that hits both the mind and the body with a high degree of potency. It begins with a sensation of clarity in the brain, clearing your thinking and filling you with an elevated sense of contentment and comfort. A very soothing body high will flood over your physical form while your mind relaxes into this clear-headed state, locking you to the sofa and leaving you quite sedated. Lindsay OG is typically recommended for treating chronic pain, insomnia, persistent stress or anxiety, cramps or muscle spasms, and appetite loss or nausea because to these effects and its high THC content. With a moderately sweet exhale, this bud has a characteristic strong skunky taste. The scent is earthy and medicinal, with a strong skunky smell that persists long after the nugs have been consumed. This bud features a frosty thick coating of golden amber crystal trichomes and medium-sized popcorn-shaped dark green nugs with minty leaves, brilliant orange hairs, and a frosty thick coating of golden amber crystal trichomes.