Lucid Blue

Lucid Blue is a hybrid strain with a majority of Sativa genetics. Lucid Blue is frequently consumed at wake-and-bakes, which are occasions when you require a boost of energy and enthusiasm to get up and go. People claim that while high on it, they are able to think quite well. The high begins with a tiny sense of being lifted, which begins at the back of your eyes and travels like cool water through the remainder of your midsection. You’ll have a clear mind, which will aid you in whatever mental chores you have to complete. Because of these characteristics, Lucid Blue is an excellent treatment for migraines or headaches, nausea, chronic stress, and exhaustion. This bud tastes sweet and fruity, like blueberries, when you exhale. It also has a spicy earthiness to it. The aroma is nearly identical, but it has a stronger, richer aroma that becomes sweeter as the nugs burn. The buds of the Lucid Blue plant resemble spades. They are mint green in color, with vivid orange hairs and sparkling white crystal trichomes.