MAC-1 is also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies X1. Backcrossed the iconic MAC strain to create a balanced hybrid strain. That famous MAC effect is elevated to a whole new level with this celebrity youngster. Your mind expands with pleasure, slowly easing away negative or racing emotions and replacing them with creative motivation and pure delight.

Your body feels calmer as your mind soars higher into space. Chronic pain, mood swings, chronic weariness, depression, and chronic stress may all be treated well with MAC 1 due to its potent effects and high average THC content Sour Diesel with spicy herbal undertones and sweet citrus undertones is the flavour profile of this strain.

Aromatically, it’s similar, but with a strong pungent undertone that lingers long after your last puff Tobacco-like dark olive green nugs covered in a thin layer of tiny white crystal trichomes define MAC-1 buds.