Pink Mac 1

Pink MAC 1, an indica dominant hybrid strain generated by combining Miracle Alien Cookies X1 and Pink Kush, is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This celebrity child takes the well-known effects of MAC1 and pushes them to a whole new level, with a hyper lifted sensation that will have you soaring higher and higher the more you toke. The high begins in the brain with a surge of euphoria that fills your mind with a broad sense of contentment, slowly easing away negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with creative drive and pure bliss. This cerebral boost is accompanied with a calming physical high, which keeps you connected to the world below while your mind soars higher and higher into outer space. Pink MAC 1’s powerful effects, along with its very high THC content, make it ideal for treating diseases such as chronic pain, mood swings, chronic exhaustion, melancholy, and chronic stress. This strain has a traditional sour diesel taste with a spicy herbal undertone highlighted by sweet citrus. The scent is similar, but with a strong spicy aftertaste that stays long after your last puff. Pink MAC 1 buds are spherical fluffy dark olive green nugs with thin orange hairs, and a layer of tiny white crystal trichomes.