Pink O.G

Pink O.G is a hybrid strain that is predominantly Indica in genetics. They have forest green nugs, dark amber hairs, and tiny white crystal trichomes that completely cover the buds in a creamy white color. When each sticky tiny nugget is broken apart, smells of fresh roses and spices release. On the exhale, a sweet and floral rose scent with a hint of spice is released. The flavor is delicate and sweet. As soon as you exhale, the Pink O.G high kicks in, leaving you feeling both stimulated and calm. As your body goes into a profound state of couchlock, laziness will overtake you. This will help you relax by keeping your body glued to the couch. It may be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms or cramping, inflammation, mood disturbances, and chronic stress. Pink O.G. can be used to treat these alignments.