Pink Predator

Pink Predator is a somewhat rare Indica-hybrid strain. This strain is hard to come by, but when broken apart, it smells like luscious berries and earth. When you exhale the smoke, the flavour transforms into a sweet berry herbal tea that becomes surprisingly acidic. The aftertaste gets stronger with each hit. Predator Pink is characterised by small to medium-sized grape-shaped light olive green nugs with a few fiery orange hairs, deep undertones, and a thick frosty coating of sandy white crystal trichomes. The high is pretty wonderful, with a good mix of body and head effects. At first, it makes you feel happy and euphoric, as if your brain is buzzing with energy and you’re motivated to concentrate. This pleasant sensation pervades your entire body, making you feel completely at ease and contemplative, as well as faraway and meditative at times. Because of its well-balanced effects, Predator Pink is thought to be beneficial in treating mild to severe depression, chronic stress or worry, tiredness, and chronic pain.