Purple Cookies

Purple Cookies is an Indica-hybrid strain that is quite rare. Purple Cookies has a lovely grape flavour that is balanced by a nutty cookie flavour. It also provides a variety of stunning and well-balanced effects. Purple Cookies have a similar aroma to how they taste. They have a spicy grape undertone, with earthy wood and nutty herbs and spices to balance it out. Purple Cookies’ high comes on gradually, in waves of joyful relaxation that wash over your mind and body. As your body slips into a state of light drowsiness and full relaxation, your thoughts will clear. Purple Cookies is said to be effective in treating chronic pain, sleeplessness, nausea, loss of appetite, and depression. This bud features spade-shaped fluffy forest green nuggets with a coating of sandy dark amber crystal trichomes and a lot of dark fuzzy hairs.