Rockbud is a hybrid strain with mostly Indica genes. As the name suggests, the nugs on Rockbud buds look like popcorn and are as dense and hard as rocks. These nuggets have dark amber hairs all over them and are covered in a thick layer of bright white crystal trichomes. The smell of Rockbud is also well-known because it combines all of your favorite smells, like floral, spicy, pungent, skunky, and tropical fruit. The taste is much milder, sweet and earthy, with a skunky floral spice that goes well with it. The high from Rockbud is also unique because it gives you both energy and a sense of calm all at once. The first part of the high is a rush of euphoric energy that makes you feel happy and social. As your mind soars, your body will fall into a deep sleep, making you unable to move from where you are sitting and giving you a strong desire to eat. Rockbud is a great way to treat pain, inflammation, tremors, and stress or anxiety that lasts for a long time.