Snoop OG Shake (28g) for only $50

Snoop OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain named after rapper Snoop Dogg that is a strong cross of the massively famous Lemon OG X Sour Diesel strains. This dank bud has an extraordinarily high THC content on average, as well as a mix of indica and sativa effects. Users of Snoop OG describe the high as a series of waves of racing ecstatic inventiveness and happiness that develops as the high progresses. This euphoric cerebral high gradually fades into a balanced concentration with slight couch lock and a severe attack of the munchies. Snoop OG is good for treating people suffering from chronic pain, tension or anxiety, and muscular spasms because of its strong effects. Large thick spade-shaped dusty green nugs with minty green spots and leaves characterise Snoop OG buds. A covering of thin twisting fiery orange and rich amber hairs and a delicate layer of white crystal trichomes and sticky delicious resin cover these nugs. On exhale, Snoop OG has a trademark fragrance of earthy lemon with a pungent hint of diesel and a taste of spicy earth with a powerful aftertaste of sour lemon diesel.