Sugar Shark

Sugar Shark is a hybrid strain with a Sativa dominance. Anyone who enjoys classic flavours and sensations will enjoy this cannabis. Sugar Shark has a blueberry diesel flavour with touches of sweet spices and earth on the exhale. It might have a strong flavour at times. The scent, on the other hand, is strong and spicy, with a diesel undertone and traces of sweet berries and soil. Sugar Shark buds are large and meaty, with a frosty coating of small white crystal corms and reddish brown hairs. The effects are well-balanced, leaving you feeling euphoric, cheerful, and horny. You’ll feel creatively motivated and have a burst of gently calming energy that won’t leave you sleepy or exhausted. Sugar Shark is commonly used to treat headaches or migraines, lack of focus, loss of appetite, and depression because of these effects.