Tropical Fuel

Tropical Fuel is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Despite the fact that little is known about this bud’s parents, its sweet, fruity, tropical kush flavour will immediately entice you. Tropical Fuel smells just how it sounds: delicious, aromatic tropical fruits with a floral kush effect that emerges when the nugs are burned. Tropical Fuel’s high helps you feel happy and clear, which is ideal for alleviating the affects of a variety of ailments. The high begins with a clear-headed sensation that makes you feel both energised and relaxed, as well as as if you have a goal. You’ll become increasingly calm as the high grows stronger. This will travel throughout your body, calming you down without making you tired or heavy. Chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, and inattention are all believed to be treated well with Tropical Fuel. This bud contains large, spherical, forest green nugs with a heavy coating of small amber crystal trichomes and a few amber hairs.