Wifi O.G

Wifi OG is a Indica strain. Get ready for a crazy journey if you haven’t experienced Wifi OG yet. The effects are quite potent; this is not a bud to be taken lightly. The high strikes you hard and fast, filling you with a burst of energizing energy that makes you feel more focused, motivated, and as if you have a greater sense of purpose in life. This level of clarity is ideal for cerebral work that do not necessitate physical exertion. While your mind is racing, your body will begin to feel drowsy. This will make you lazy, but not to the point of immobility. Wifi OG is frequently used by persons who suffer from chronic pain, depression, exhaustion, or difficulty paying attention because of these consequences. Wifi OG features forest green, tiny, round, spade-shaped buds with orange-red hairs and a thin layer of golden crystal trichomes. When the buds are burned, they emit a diesel-like scent with hints of lemon pepper. There is a significant kick of black pepper on the exhale that is quite peppery. The flavour is citrusy, sweet and sour.